11.24 | 每日英语。少儿英语故事(十五):乐羊子求学。

  1. Here in Dali, an ancient village nestled in verdant hills,
    making indigo cloth has long been a part of life,no less
    to the Dong than farming rice or fermenting fish.



Give up halfway

Nestle in+ place坐落 If something such as a building nestles
somewhere, it is in that place and seems safe or sheltered.
(很有人情味的一个乐章,可以替换located in)


I saw a cottage nestling in the woods.

During the Warring States Period (475-221BC), there was a man called Yue
Yangzi in State Wei.



Verdant [‘vɜːd(ə)nt] 青翠的,碧绿的;草木丰茂的

Yue Yangzi felt that he should go out and visit scholars to enrich his
knowledge. So he set off.



Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.

A year later, he came back home suddenly. “Why have you returned?” asked
his wife in surprise, “You’ve only spent one year studying with

2. The fabric must be woven,wrung,scrubbed and pounded
before it can be used to create traditional Dong cotton garments — dark
navy costumes with colorful flower trim for the women and plain
indigo for the men.



“I come back because I missed you very much.”

Weave [wiːv] 编织


过去式 wove 过去分词 woven 现在分词 weaving

Without saying anything, his wife took a pair of scissors and went to
the loom at which she had worked.

Wring [rɪŋ] 拧;绞 (注意此处w不失声)


过去式 wrung 过去分词 wrung 现在分词 wringing

Pointing at the half done brocade, she proclaimed : “This brocade is
woven from the finest silk. I wove one strand after another to produce
the brocade. Now if I cut it, all my previous work will be wasted. It’s
the same with your studies. You can acquire knowledge only through
diligence. Now, you’ve given up halfway. Isn’t it the same as cutting
the brocade on the loom?”

Scrub [skrʌb] 洗擦


过去式 scrubbed 过去分词 scrubbed 现在分词 scrubbing

Yue Yangzi was moved by what she said. He again left home to visit
scholars. Several years later he became a knowledgable man.

Pound 敲打


Trim 点缀;装饰:

The children are trimming up a Christmas tree.


Plain 纯色的

In general, a plain carpet makes a room look bigger.


3. “For a Dong family, having a loom is just as important as having a
cow,” said Lai Lei, the founder of a weaving and dyeing co-op in a
nearby village. “As children, we grow up listening to the sound of the


co-op 合作社(cooperative society)

The co-op sells the art work at exhibitions.


co-ed 男阴校友的

He was educated at a coed high school.


4. Dyeing is so woven into Dali’s culture that the practice even
survived the Cultural Revolution, when many other Dong traditions,
such as shamanism, were stamped out by Communist fanatics trying
to destroy what they saw as a feudal past.


编句型: is so woven into/be inextricably linked with 紧密连

Shamanism 萨满教;

5. The aim is twofold: to create opportunities to work closer to
home and to persuade young Dong women to learn their traditions.

撰写句型:The aim is twofold: 目的生少只:

Threefold/fourfold 以此类推



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